Model BDW3458X
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Flexible Split Cutlery Tray:
Offers the flexibility to use the cutlery basket or to omit it for a larger loading area. Providing ultimate convenience and flexibility.
Variable Half Load:
Allows for convenience should a quick half load wash be required. 3 types of washing available: top basket only, bottom basket only or both. By using this function you also save on water and energy.
Loaded Adjustable Upper Basket:
Adjustable top basket allows a 31cm plate in the bottom. Top and bottom baskets have adjustable tines which can offer ultimate loading flexibility.
Turbo Fan drying:
Use of the turbo fan for drying increases air flow in the dishwasher resulting in dryer dishes.
Extra Hygiene
Extra Rinse
Extra Dry:
Additional features such as extra hygiene, extra rinse and extra dry options. The program can also be changed to a different program mid cycle should it be required. Allows the consumer extra choice for their wash cycle.
Control Panel Child Lock:
An excellent feature to prevent children from tampering with the control panel. It also ensures that the selected program cannot be changed when the child lock is activated.
Aqua Stop + Aqua Safe Anti-Flood Protection:
In built safety system to avoid water damage just in case of water overflow.