Model BWCE6X
Product name:
Model number:
3 speed motor:
Offers a variety of fan speeds to suit the type of cooking.
650m3/hr air movement:
Cleaner air and reduction of condensation helps to protect kitchen surfaces such as walls and cabinets from grime and build up.
Can be ducted or re-circulated:
Provides greater options and capability of installation to suit all kitchen designs.
2 x aluminium grease filters
Easy to clean as it can be simply hand washed or put into the dishwasher.
2 x 28W halogen lights:
Halogen bulbs emit very bright white light to provide greater visibility when cooking.More efficient than incandescent bulbs and will last longer.
Push Button controls:
Modern push button styling allows you to easily change air flow when you need to without having to reach over cooking surface.