Model BOSE99XP
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Large Oven Capacity:
At 84 litres, this large capacity oven will accommodate even the biggest of meals.
Triple Glazed Thermo-reflective Doors:
The triple layered door with thermo-reflective glass offers not only a cooler to touch surface but also increases the energy efficiency as the heat is retained within the oven.
Fully Programmable:
The fully programmable touch control operation enables you to set the start and finish time of your cooking where the oven will automatically switch off when finished.
Catalytic Self-cleaning Liners:
On the rear and sides of the oven, these self-cleaning liners means less time spent cleaning your oven. Catalytic liners absorb grease and dirt from everyday cooking, and then burn it off at up to about 200°C.
Black Enamelled Cavity:
The oven is made so that it’s simple to clean. The smooth black enamel is not only easy to clean but also resistant of acidic spills.
5 Shelf Positions:
Offering greater flexibility when cooking. The 5 shelf positions allows for more usable space within the oven.