Model BIC95T
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Large 28cm Centre Zone:
The large centre zone accommodates the use of extra large pots and pans upto 32cm.
Two Powerful 3700W Zones:
Two powerful individual zones featuring EGO G5 induction technology to ensure that every induction zone is utilised to its full extent, without cold spots.
AcuSense Technology
The cooktop encompasses AcuSense technology which automatically recognises the size and shapes of pots as well as their position on the cooktop.
13 Stage Temperature Settings:
With 13 different settings including Double Boost Technology, Melting 42°C and Keep Warm 70°C you can select the ideal cooking temperature for all types of foods to provide the perfect cooking results.
Additional Preset Functions [F]
With the touch of the ‘F’ key, the preset Melting 42°C and Keep Warm 70°C,are activated. This allows perfect control at the relevant preset temperature. This can be set for all 5 zones independently.
Double Boost Technology:
A convenient feature on all 5 zones where ‘Boost’ and ‘Super Boost’ can be selected to bring the zone to the maximum power level and will stay on maximum power for 10 minutes (unless deactivated) before dropping back to power level 9.
99 Minute Timer On All Zones:
Each zone has its own 99 minute timer function – a convienient and easy way to program the cooking time on any cooking zone. When the timer ends a beep will sound to advise the cooking is finished and the zone will switch off.
Stop N Go Function:
This function pauses the cooktop but maintains the current cooking level in its memory which can be resumed at any time. A convenient and unique function.