Model RUL90X

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    RUL90X – 90cm, Stainless Steel
    Intensive Speed Function:
    This provides additional air movement for a period of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes it will return to original speed setting.
    723m3/hr Air Movement:
    Cleaner air and reduction of condensation helps to protect kitchen surfaces such as walls and cabinets from grime and build up.
    Perimeter Air Extraction System:
    Air extraction is directed to the perimeter of the stainless steel panel, increasing the efficiency of airflow and effectiveness of the air extraction.
    Clean Air Function:
    Function can be activated once the rangehood has been turned off. Rangehood will ‘activate’ for 10 minutes every hour to help reduce the lingering cooking odour (after cooking is complete).
    Filter Saturation Alarm:
    Display will indicate when the aluminium grease filter and carbon filter needs to be replaced.
    Rangehood will continue to function on the chosen speed for 15 minutes. After which time the rangehood will automatically switch off.
    Push Button Controls with LED display:
    Push button controls with 4 speeds (including intensive) to suit your cooking needs.
    2 X 2.5W LED Lights:
    Delivers brighter, clearer visibility when cooking. LED lighting also provides lower energy consumption than other lighting, as well as longer bulb life.