Model 34402

The Tastic Luminate Vent & Light is the latest addition to IXL’s premium Tastic Luminate range, featuring a powerful bathroom ceiling exhaust fan and LED light.

With its 400m3/hr powerful airflow extraction, Tastic Luminate Vent & Light’s exhaust fan quickly removes steam from your bathroom, laundry, or toilet effortlessly.

Luminate Vent & Light has an IPX4 rating, making it suitable for above shower installation.

The module has a sleek and contemporary fascia design and features superior illumination through a LED light source, with the option of Warm and Cool light to suit your personal preference with a simple flick of a switch.

Inclusions of 6 metres of ducting and an exterior outlet vent ensures simple installation.

This product is a vent and light only. There is no heat.

Variations & Specifications

Powerful Extraction: 400m3/h Airflow

Switchable LED Light: 25W LED (Warm/Cool)

Tastic Luminate is compliant with NCC in Australia, and G4 Building Codes and Healthy Home Standard for bathrooms and kitchens in New Zealand.

Tastic Luminate Vent & Light is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.