Model TU950TME8

The Technika 90CM Freestanding Dual Fuel Oven (TU950TME8) comes with an array of innovations;

Cavity cooling system

Our cavity cooling system effectively pulls heat away from
the outside of the oven. This unique process keeps the door,
controls and handle cool, while helping to protect surrounding
cabinets from heat damage.

Twin circulating fans

This feature allows a greater volume of air to be distributed
around the oven, putting more moisture in your food and
providing balanced heat distribution. This ultimately means
better cooking results – especially when baking.
Storage compartment

Store extra cookware in the storage compartment to free up
space in other areas of your kitchen.

Triple glazed cool touch door

Three layers of glazing keep heat in so your
food cooks quickly and efficiently. Triple glazing also limits the
amount of heat that can escape, so the door remains cool to
touch. This is a handy safety feature for little fingers.

Easy to clean

The easy clean interior, removable door, and removable side
racks allow for food particles to be easily wiped away.

Variations & Specifications

105 Litre oven capacity
8 functions
6 Button programmable digital clock
5 Gas burners
Centre located wok burner
Removable cast iron trivets
Wok adaptor
Flame failure device
Twin oven fan
Closed door grilling
Twin oven light
Easy clean interior
Removable triple glazed cool touch door
Removable side racks
Large viewing window
Storage compartment
Automatic safety cut off
Cavity cooling system
Available with LPG conversion
Connection: 15amp