Shaving Cabinets & Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just a means to check on your reflection. They can add space, light, hidden storage, and even function as artwork within the bathroom. Shop mirrors today, at Choice Supplies.

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What Bathroom Mirror should I buy?

From Remer, Timberline, Innova, to ADP and AussieLife; We have a huge range of mirrors available depending on your needs.

Whether you’re after unique styles to maximise your bathroom design, or technological additions to streamline your self-care routine, we have it all at Choice Supplies.

How do I clean my bathroom mirror?

For a streak-free finish, start with a slightly moistened microfibre cloth to remove dirt and grime, a 30% isopropyl alcohol solution can be used to break down any grime build-up. Finish with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any streaks.

Try not to use any ammonia based products or abrasives, as these can scratch and corrode the silver backing.