Find the fridge that fits your kitchen and lifestyle, with a huge range of brands and selections at Choice Supplies. With great deals on the newest in Australian fridge technology, you’ll find the perfect choice with our brands, including Fisher & Paykel, Haier, and Husky.  

Whether you’re after an alfresco fridge, wine fridge, double door fridge, french door fridge, single door fridge, or a top/under mount, at Choice Supplies we’ll make sure your fridge fits your home.

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Trying to Decide on the Best Fridge for your Home?

 Your choice in refrigeration can make a huge difference in running your kitchen and complementing your lifestyle. From storage size, look, and energy efficiency we’ll give you the quick rundown on what to look for.


What’s the difference between a top mount, bottom mount and french door fridge?

 Top mount fridges have an upper area dedicated to freezer storage and are particularly useful if you store a lot of frozen goods.

 Bottom mount and French Door fridges have freezer storage below the fridge, keeping your frozen storage out of the way.


What should I look for in a fridge?

There’s a lot out there when it comes to refrigeration technology, but the most important consideration is how much space you have. If you don’t have much horizontal space to work with, top or bottom mount fridges can fit into smaller cavities due to their narrower builders, whereas side-by-side and French Door fridges are wider and work better in a larger kitchen. Depending on the number of home occupants, you may want to sacrifice space for a wider fridge as well as consider the quantity of frozen goods you’ll be storing.

How do I make sure my fridge is energy efficient?

 Take notice of the energy rating when choosing your fridge, as this will give you an idea on how much your fridge will affect your next bill. The higher the energy rating is, the less electricity you’ll be spending on. 

 Higher volume generally equals higher energy usage, so when it comes to French Door or Side-by-Side fridges, make sure you’ll be utilising their spacious capacity.