Belling 90cm Induction Cooktop BDC95IN2F

Model BDC95IN2F

Sleek, stylish and savvy, the Belling 90cm Induction Cooktop (BDC95IN2F) features a Eurokera glass finish in premium black, touch and slide controls, built-in Chef pre-set and a pause/play function.

Activate the Belling Flex Zone function at the press of a button, perfectly versatile for cooking.

Variations & Specifications

Model: BDC95IN2F
Finish: Black,Grey
Feature: Induction,Child safety lock
Size: 90cm


The Belling Flex Zone feature enables the square zones on the right and left-hand sides to be bridged together to accommodate even the largest of cookware.


Made from premium Eurokera black ceramic glass with a Matte-Grey effect and finished with bevelled edges, this cooktop adds a high-end, minimalist style to your kitchen.


The Belling Chef Mode allows you to choose between different pre-set heated zones just by moving your cookware across the surface. Go from a low simmer to rapid boil to keep warm by simply placing your pan on different zones to cook like true chef!

Twin Fan - BDC collectionTOUCH + SLIDE CONTROL

The Belling Touch + Slide controls are designed to be effortlessly easy to use. Simply activate the desired zone and slide your finger across the touch bar to select the perfect power setting.